A cheap Suzuki SUV has been turned into a motorhome. Photo

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Suzuki Jimny
The Jimny underwent some changes. Source: Car Expert

A couple turned their cheap Suzuki Jimny SUV into a home on wheels. Such a vehicle allows the owners to travel autonomously and do without sleeping indoors for a long time.

This Suzuki Jimny does not differ from the standard model that you can buy from the dealer. However, the car has received special off-road tires with aggressive treading for traveling to hard-to-reach locations. To be fair, buyers often equip it with such tires. The unique machine was reported on Car Expert.

You can also notice that a box appeared on the trunk door at the back instead of a spare tire. It is designed for storing small luggage. Strangely, they did not use a roof box. In this case, you would not have to give up the spare tire.

Suzuki Jimny

Vaughn and Lawrence from Belgium made other changes, the interior of Suzuki Jimny in particular. The rear sofa was dismantled to make room for a large sleeping place.

The bed can be unfolded. It takes three minutes. You can store some of your luggage under the bed. The couple have been traveling for eight months. They visited Italy and Turkey and now went to Norway.

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