7 mistakes in choosing clothes that make an image "cheap": how to avoid them. Photo.

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Some mistakes in the image should not be made so as not to cheapen the appearance

Sometimes it happens that neither the brand of clothing nor its quality can save you from a "cheap" appearance. That's because before creating a look, you need to analyse your figure in detail, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and follow fashion trends.

If you buy 10 expensive things but don't know how to combine them, you can irreparably spoil your impression of yourself. OBOZREVATEL has decided to tell you how to avoid common mistakes (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Cheap fabric

Even in stores with few budget products, you can find low-quality synthetics for a lot of money. To avoid making a mistake and throwing the item in the trash after a short time, it is better to make sure the fabric is of good quality.


Wrong cut

In the era of oversize fashion, it's easy to confuse a stylish item with one that's simply too big. The look will be cheapened by clothes that are poorly tailored and ill-fitting.


Old-fashioned length

The length of a dress or skirt is not just a nuance. Each element loses its relevance at one time or another, so if it used to be believed that the ideal length was 2 cm above the knee, now such a skirt will spoil the overall look of the outfit.


Old shoes

Even a seemingly identical boot model is updated every year. The relevance of their length, sole and decor changes, so it's important to follow trends and not abuse one pair for several seasons.



In the era of fakes, it's easy to mistake an original item for a fake even by accident. If you are not sure about a particular purchase on the Internet, in a local store or market, it is better to choose clothes without a logo. People who can recognise a fake will immediately see the cheapness.



You don't always have enough money to buy new stylish jewellery made of precious metals, but you shouldn't swap it for costume jewellery. Black "silver" and dull "gold" will only spoil your look.

Bright colours and inappropriate prints

Adding bright or printed elements to your look has never been a problem, but you need to keep a close eye on fashion so as not to cheapen the look. If in the past, acidic shades filled store shelves, now they will look old-fashioned. This season, you should choose a laconic print.


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