"7 buses have already left from us": the wife of the occupier complained about the terrible pace of mobilisation in Russia. Interception

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Mobilisation in the Russian Federation
Russia mobilises, occupiers suffer heavy losses in Ukraine

The wife of one of the Russian occupiers, who was sent to fight in Ukraine, complained that mobilisation is in full swing in Russia. She said that in Russia they say that the Russian army is suffering heavy losses, so the aggressor country is sending more and more occupiers to the front line.

The relevant interception of the conversation between the Russian woman and the male invader was published on the official Youtube channel of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on Monday, 26 June (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

According to her, volunteers and those who have received calls are currently being sent to the war in Ukraine, but there are rumours that "they will take everyone".

- In our country, the mobilisation was extended until 31 December... First, it was extended until June, and now it's until 31 December. I said, "Why did they extend it?" And she said: "Sveta, there will be a big mobilisation in May. The military commissariat called us and warned us."

- Who will be mobilised?

- Everyone will be drafted! Everyone! Right now, they are taking volunteers and those who have received calls. Seven buses have already left from us. They say that they take them straight to the "SVO". They say they put more of us there than the Ukrainians. Because 70% of our people were imprisoned...

At the same time, her occupier husband confirmed that the army of the aggressor country is indeed suffering huge losses in battles against Ukrainian soldiers.

"Here we have a regiment (from 950 to 2,000 people - Ed.)... there are only 120 people left," the Russian soldier said.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Russian occupier complained about the ridiculous system and stupidity of the Russian authorities, which sent him to war against Ukraine. He talks about the failure of the "SVO" and that his country is literally living in shit.

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