60 thousand tons of grain destroyed: losses from Russian shelling of Odesa region named

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Russian missile attack on Odesa and Chernomorsk: what is the damage
Russian missile attack on Odssa and Chernomorsk: what is the damage

Russia continues to blackmail the entire world with hunger. The terrorist country's massive missile strikes on the seaports of Odesa and Chernomorsk have already resulted in the destruction of 60,000 tons of grain. Infrastructure involved in the grain deal was also damaged.

This was stated by the Minister of agro-politics of Ukraine Mykola Solsky. "The aggressor once again proved that human values for him is an empty sound, we shouldn't trust any of his words. Grain terminals and port infrastructure in the ports of "Odesa" and "Chernomorsk" are attacked," Solsky said.

Damaged grain terminals

Preliminary damage assessments have already been made. In particular:

  • the overnight strike put a significant part of the grain export infrastructure of the port "Chernomorsk" out of operation;
  • 60,000 tons of grain that was to be loaded onto a large-capacity vessel and shipped by the grain corridor 60 days ago was also destroyed in the port of Chernomorsk;
  • the grain infrastructure of international and Ukrainian traders and carriers Kernel, Viterra, CMA CGM Group was hit the hardest.
Infrastructure was used in grain exports

"This is a terrorist act not against Ukraine, but against the whole world, whose food security is under threat again. Humanity has been held hostage by a terrorist country blackmailing the entire world with hunger. The world should react harshly and in accordance with the situation," Solsky said.

He explained: if Ukraine is unable to export food, the population of the poorest countries will be on the verge of survival. Economic losses will be incurred not only by Ukraine, but also by the whole world: "The price of grain will rise and not all countries will be able to afford to buy agricultural products, which means that the price of food products like flour, cereals and meat will rise significantly," the minister warned.

Russia's actions threaten global food security

As MP Danylo Hetmantsev ("Servants of the People") specified, experts estimate that it will take at least a year to restore the damaged infrastructure. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry brazenly lies that the targets of the attacks are "military industry facilities, fuel infrastructure and ammunition depots of the AFU".

"This is quite a conscious action on the part of the aggressor state. Having withdrawn from its trilateral agreement in the format "UN - Turkey - Russia" on July, 17, it is trying to physically destroy our port infrastructure to make it impossible to continue the work of the sea grain corridor in any format", Hetmantsev said.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, Russia announced the withdrawal from the grain deal. As a result, the Russian Federation restores the regime of temporarily dangerous area in the north-western waters of the Black Sea. It also said there that the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul, Turkey, will be disbanded.

In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine and Russia had not signed any bilateral agreements. Therefore, the Russian Federation is only disrupting its agreements with the UN and Turkey, while Ukraine's agreements with them remain in force. Thus, Ukraine will discuss the ways to continue grain exports in the Black Sea with partners.

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