6 mistakes you shouldn't make when choosing a bag: it will ruin your image

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It is better not to make mistakes when choosing a bag

Few stylish looks can be complete without such a useful accessory as a bag. When choosing an outfit, sometimes beauties do not think about this element of their wardrobe, which can be a critical mistake.

You need to think about how the bag will look with the things you've bought before you go to the store or place an order. OBOZREVATEL has collected the six most common mistakes when choosing the most useful accessory (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).


When choosing a bag for everyday looks, it's better to avoid the trend for ultra-small models. You should understand how many necessary things should fit in the accessory so as not to clog your pockets. Unnecessary things in your clothes or hands can visually "pollute" the image.



When buying a bag, you should base it on the colour scheme of your wardrobe. It is a mistake to assume that black versions of different models will look stylish all the time. Especially if your wardrobe is dominated by classic colours. It is better to choose dull, deep shades of red, blue, green, etc.



Style plays an important role in choosing a bag. The accessory should be appropriate and not contrast with your clothes. If the meeting is business, it is better to choose a laconic version without unnecessary decor, but a bright model will do for a social event.


Combining with other things

Before you buy a new item, you need to analyse your wardrobe. The colour of your new bag should match the clothes you already have in your wardrobe so that it looks harmonious with several outfits.


Strap or handle

An unsuitable bag can not only spoil your look, but also add extra pounds. For example, those with curvaceous hips should not choose an accessory with a shoulder strap and a chain that hangs at the level of the legs. This will make them look even wider. And girls with ample breasts should not wear a bag with a short handle on their shoulder.



The shape of the bag can complete the look so that it looks balanced. For example, if you need to soften an aggressive look, soft material and a rounded shape will help. If the outfit lacks character, you should choose strict models with sharp corners.


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