5 Ukrainian peaks that even beginners can conquer

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5 Ukrainian peaks that even beginners can conquer

The feeling when you stand on the top of a mountain, look into the distance, calm your breathing and realize that you have managed to reach the highest point of the hike is incomparable. It is complete freedom, joy, deep happiness and confidence that you are now capable of anything. To experience such emotions, you do not need to go to the Alps or the Himalayas, because Ukraine has its own natural wonder, the Carpathian Mountains. Even beginners can conquer them.


Why invent something new when there is an unchangeable classic. Hoverla is not only the highest but also the most popular mountain in Ukraine. The descent to its summit lasts from 4 to 6 hours and covers the territory of the Chornohorsky Range. You can admire the unique forests and the Nesamovyte lake on the way.

Many tourists think that they will not be able to pass the way to the top, but this is a mistake. Although the road is difficult to call easy, but it can be overcome even by beginners. Moreover, the view at the end of the path is worth all the effort.

If you still have doubts, then contact travel companies that organize hikes in the mountains. People will help understand whether this route is suitable for you. In any case, we recommend trying it, but it's still your choice.

5 Ukrainian peaks that even beginners can conquer


Brebeneskul is not just a rock. It is the highest lake in Ukraine, located at an altitude of 1801 meters above sea level. People go there to see the beauty of the mountain water body with their own eyes. Of course, you can not swim in it, because the water temperature is very low: about 15 degrees Celsius. The scenery, however, will amaze you to the core.

You will have to climb up to the lake for several hours. The way passes through the Chornohorsky Range, which is part of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Changing landscapes will be around all the time. There are forests with perennial trees, stony paths and high cliffs around.

When you reach your destination point, you will realize what you have come all the way for. The huge Brebeneskul, stretching 134 meters, is located in a gorge between the cliffs. The weather here is rarely comfortable, but the views are amazing.

5 Ukrainian peaks that even beginners can conquer

Pip Ivan

Pip Ivan Mount has several names. It is also called the Black Mountain. It is located in the Chornohorsk Range and has a height of 2020.5 meters.

The best conditions for the first conquest of this peak are in summer. The weather then is comfortable enough for a long walk, rains are not so frequent, visibility is good. It is better for beginners to prepare for a trip in this season. Although in winter it is very good here, but the top of the mountain is covered with snow so much that it becomes very difficult to get here. By the way, in such conditions, the outline of the rock becomes very similar to the silhouette of an elephant.

Before you start climbing, you will have to choose the best route. We advise you to talk to specialists beforehand, who will help you decide. The easiest paths start in the villages of Dzembronia and Shybyn. These are very picturesque corners of the Carpathians, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are ready to put in a little more effort, then go on a tour along the Chornohorsk Range. Then you can enjoy the views of Hoverla, Petros and other mountains.

5 Ukrainian peaks that even beginners can conquer


The itinerary of the hike to the top of Mt. Chyvchyn is easily difficult to name. It can certainly last for one day, but some guides suggest going on a climb for several days to feel the atmosphere of this amazing place.

Your road will pass through a mountain range in the southeastern part of the Carpathians. The ascent will be quite rapid, so you should be careful and wear appropriate footwear. Not only rocks but also perennial trees will be towering around you all the time.

From the top of Chyvchyn you will have a magical view of other cliffs of the Carpathians. In particular, you will be able to see the Pip Ivan mountain.

This climb will show if you are ready for more difficult and longer hikes. If you have chosen a tour for several days, it will allow you to enjoy quiet evenings by the campfire and soulful conversations with your hiking buddies.

5 Ukrainian peaks that even beginners can conquer


Few tourists have heard of this mountain, so you will not see crowds of people here. Instead, you will see the wild beauty of the Carpathians, which charms with its inviolability and purity.

We do not advise you to go here without an escort. The territory is remote from settlements and tourist bases, so you can easily get lost.

However, if you are confident in your abilities or have a guide, then safely choose this route for your debut ascent. It is quite easy and short. Just a few hours and you are already on the very top, located at an altitude of 1574 meters above sea level.

Don't be afraid if you see a lot of people in military uniforms. There are no secret facilities here, but  the border with Romania is near the mountain.

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