5-time European champion from Russia refuses to play for the Russian national team, changing her citizenship

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The best short track speed skater of the Russian Federation will play for another country

Sofia Prosvirnova, a four-time world championship medallist and five-time European short track speed skating champion, will compete for the Danish national team. The 25-year-old native of St Petersburg is married to Danish speed skater Viktor Torup.

Explaining her position, Prosvirnova said she could not be separated from her new family. According to the athlete, Russian laws prohibit her from training abroad, and no one will let the Dane into Russia, so the only option was to refuse to perform under the tricolour.

"The truth is that at this stage I'm not ready to make such sacrifices [to be separated from my husband - Ed. Now building a family and my psychological health are on a par with building a sports career. This leads me to the decision to change my sports citizenship," Prosvirnova wrote on Instagram.


The champion added that she is a patriot, but her personal life is more important to her.

"I am a patriot of my country. I have cried so many times on the podium, just looking at our flag, singing the anthem in my heart. And it's very difficult to accept that this chapter is over, believe me," said the two-time world vice-champion.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Prosvirnova was disqualified twice at the 2022 Olympic Games.

For the first time, Sofia was punished together with her teammates in the 3000m relay.


The second time happened in the qualifying round of the 500m race. The Russian squeezed out her Chinese rival, blocking her trajectory.

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