5 main make-up trends in 2023: all fashionistas should know them. Photo.

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5 trends to create stylish make-up

In 2023, the world of make-up saw some changes that set a new vector for fashion trends. Last year, sparkles and colours were often the main focus of makeup, but this season, the emphasis will be on naturalness and individuality.

The fashion for the "perfect" face with plump lips, graphic eyebrows and bright eye make-up, which sought to create equally perfect features, has gone out of fashion. According to the editors of the Polish website Zwierciadlo, everything that emphasises natural beauty is now in trend (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

Freshness and naturalness

In 2023, you should abandon the excess of layers of cosmetics in favour of a delicate, almost imperceptible skin tone that will emphasise freshness and youthfulness. Facial care and hydration will become more important than a well-defined contour and concealing bruises with concealer.

Remember that skin features such as freckles, redness on the cheeks, and moles always look better than a thick layer of foundation that artificially creates the illusion of perfect skin.



Despite the trend for naturalness, this season's eyebrows can be tailored to suit your style. Not everyone looks good with wide and thick shapes, so you can experiment and not be afraid of narrow and light "threads". It is important that the eyebrows look harmonious on the face.


Lips with a metallic sheen

Lips will be perhaps the only big hit this year. Last time, makeup artists created bright eye makeup with metallic products, and soon a similar trend for lipstick will come into fashion.


Never have too much shine

We've already established that hydrated and glowing skin looks more stylish than a layer of make-up on your face, but what if you're lacking in shine? In the cold season or due to dehydration, your face can lose its shine, so it's best to have a highlighter on hand.


Spider legs

Extended eyelashes gradually lose their relevance due to the unnatural effect, but you can visually thicken your lashes with just one mascara. To do this, several lashes should be moulded into a single cluster using your fingers or tweezers. The eyes immediately look bigger and the gaze is more impressive.


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