5 details will spoil any image and make it "cheap": what mistakes should not be made

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Doll's eyelashes and an abundance of jewellery should be abandoned

It would seem that even the most insignificant detail can negatively affect the image and turn an elegant lady into a girl with bad taste. Nowadays, everything natural is in fashion, the Kardashian era, with silicone breasts and buttock implants, is over. It's time to get rid of long extended nails and 5D eyelashes.

OBOZREVATEL lists the main mistakes that cheapen the look and make you unattractive.

1. Bracelets with pendants

Having a bracelet full of "charms" is no longer relevant. A piece of jewellery with one small pendant will look more modern. This jewellery will suit any look.


2. Long extended nails

To attract attention, you don't need to build up long nails and apply neon varnish. This trend is behind us. The most fashionable manicure now is microtrench or nails with a natural effect.


3. Facial piercings

Facial piercings were at their peak of popularity 10, maybe even 15 years ago. To declare their rebellion and originality, teenagers often pierced their nose, tongue, eyebrow or wore several earrings on one ear at once. Now it is considered a complete bad taste. If you want something new, think about a small earring in your nose, but nothing more.


4. Extra long eyelash extensions

False eyelashes are suitable for a theme party or performance on stage to make you look more impressive. In everyday life, extra length is not necessary at all. Firstly, it is impractical, and secondly, it looks ridiculous. For a natural and well-groomed look, apply mascara or add a few false eyelashes to the corner of the eye.


5. Artificial tan

Tanning gives you freshness, smoothes out acne marks, but it also ages you and can completely ruin your impression of yourself. To get a beautiful skin colour, tan gradually, use sunscreen and choose the right time.


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