21-year-old weightlifter fainted at the European Championships while trying to lift a 96kg barbell. Video.

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The incident took place in Yerevan

Turkish weightlifter Bayav Pelinsu fainted at the European Weightlifting Championships, which are currently taking place in Yerevan. The incident occurred during her performance in the 49kg weight category.


The 21-year-old athlete was making her second approach in the clean and jerk with a 96kg barbell. The girl had a hard time pulling the bar over her shoulders and then tried to lift it over her head. Feeling that the approach was not working, Pelinsu threw the barbell onto the platform, falling down after it.

Tournament officials immediately ran up to the victim, trying to provide first aid. The Turkene raised her legs to increase blood flow to her brain.


Later, Bayav wrote on her Instagram that she was fine, thanking for the warm words of support.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the World Weightlifting Championships in Yerevan began with a major scandal. During the opening ceremony, officials of the Armenian delegation set fire to the flag of Azerbaijan.


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