10 mistakes you shouldn't make on your first trip to Thailand: some can lead to big trouble

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Trouble can be found in Thailand
Trouble can be found in Thailand

Thailand may be on everyone's lips as a typical beach holiday, but in reality, this country hides a lot of secrets. Asia lives by laws that may frighten Europeans, and they are quite strict.

Some mistakes can lead to trouble. OBOZREVATEL tells you about a number of rules that must never be broken in Thailand.

  • Thai dress code

Anyone who goes to Thailand for a typical beach holiday is wrong. The locals dress very modestly, so tourists can be immediately identified on the streets in short skirts and shorts.

Thailand's culture is also very rich, but you won't be allowed into Buddha temples in vulgar short clothes. It is worth noting that even in the city it is better not to go out in miniskirts and shorts, as you may receive comments. Thailand has its own traditions, customs and religious beliefs. Inattention to them can offend locals and lead to unpleasant situations.

  • Thai laws

Violation of Thai laws can have serious consequences, and it is especially important to follow the rules related to insulting the king and his family. Thailand has one of the strictest monarchical systems in the world, and this requires visitors and residents to be respectful and careful of the royal family.

The image of the king and other symbols of the monarchy are taken very seriously. Negative comments or gestures can lead to arrest and prosecution. Taking pictures of certain monarchical symbols, even if unintentionally, may result in punishment.

Thais dress modestly.
  • Sun protection

Some tourists underestimate the scorching sun in Thailand. Don't skimp on sunscreen, as cheap products don't provide the protection you need. You should use it throughout your holiday, not just at the beginning. Do not forget about glasses, hats and light clothing that covers the skin to avoid aggressive burns.

  • Car hire

Car rental in Thailand is really cheap, but the traffic and roads in the country are dangerous. It is best to explore the area by car, but you should drive very carefully. Don't skimp, it's better to choose a comfortable vehicle with air conditioning, airbags and seat belts.

The best way to explore the island is by car.
  • Dangerous ocean

Thailand is washed by the Pacific Ocean, whose currents are very aggressive. Therefore, even the simplest Thai boats have motors, as it is difficult to fight the water movement with oars. Kayaking is considered a dangerous pastime, as it can lead to tragedy.

  • Street food

Street food in Thailand is very tasty and authentic, but caution in choosing places and adherence to hygiene standards is essential to stay healthy while travelling. Choose places where there are many locals and popular restaurants. Such places are usually in stable demand and the quality of food is monitored.

Watch how the chefs cook and what products they use. Make sure that the staff has clean hands and wears gloves and aprons. If there is a queue at a particular place, this can be a good sign as people are coming back and it indicates the quality of the food. Avoid raw fish, seafood or meat as it can lead to illness, especially in countries with a climate favourable to bacteria.

Thailand's culture is very rich.
  • Shopping in Thailand

In Thailand, you can encounter a lot of scams, ranging from kayak rental companies to souvenir shopkeepers. The fact is that some souvenirs, including religious artefacts, Buddha images and plants, cannot be exported from the country. At the airport customs, tourists are subject to strict control.

Buy goods only in reliable shops or markets, avoid buying fakes, as this can lead to loss of money and confiscation of goods at the border.

  • Accommodation in Thailand

The choice of accommodation when travelling to Thailand is important to ensure comfort and a positive experience. Before booking a hotel or apartment, research different options, check their websites and reviews, for example, on Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, etc. This will allow you to get real information from people who have already stayed in the place.

Thais and Europeans have different ideas about amenities. Make sure that the accommodation you choose provides all the necessary ones: Wi-Fi, air conditioning, restaurant, kitchen and cleaning services.

Thais cherish their culture
  • Cybersecurity

Social media shows all your activities. Avoid posting anything that could cause trouble and be aware that local authorities may monitor your online activity.

  • Communicating with strangers

Be cautious when communicating with strangers, and never trust anyone who makes contact too quickly and affectionately. Political topics, especially those related to the monarchy, are very sensitive. Avoid discussing political views in depth. Even if you are interested in a dialogue about the monarchy, be very careful and polite in your statements.

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