Why did the USSR eat everything with bread and why has this habit persisted in our time

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Homemade bread
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Bread is one of the most popular products that almost every second Ukrainian eats. It's worth noting that, according to experts, the healthiest bread is whole wheat, as it retains wheat hulls rich in vitamins and nutrients. Experts also advise to pay attention to bread with different types of cereals and seeds, as well as nuts, bran and dried fruits.

Tasty and healthy bread

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you why everyone in the USSR ate everything with bread, what the price was for a loaf, and what it tasted like and what kind of structure it had.

1. The price of bread in the USSR

What was bread like in the USSR

In the 1960s, the price of white bread was only 14 kopecks per loaf, meaning that bread was a fairly cheap product that everyone could afford. It is also important to note that in the USSR, the price of bread was controlled by the state, and unlike other goods, it did not rise regularly.

2. Quality of bread

Bread was cheap, and as a result, its quality left much to be desired. However, in the late 1980s, bakeries began to appear that baked different types of bread, including better quality bread, and everyone could choose to their liking.

Delicious homemade bread

3. Why everyone in the USSR ate everything with bread

The first reason is that bread was the cheapest product and at the same time the most nutritious, and everyone could afford it. Since many people could not afford to buy expensive products, everyone always bought bread and ate it with all dishes, even, for example, with nutritious pasta and potatoes. It is also worth noting that bread was added to many dishes when cooking, for example, cutlets, which had more bread than meat.

Cutlets with bread

Many people have this eating habit even nowadays!

What can not be eaten with bread

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