Which bread is the most dangerous and how to recognize it: an expert's answer

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Bread without mold
Bread without mold. Source: pexels.com

Bread and bakery products are eaten by almost everyone. But, experts say that it is best to use rye, because it has more vitamins, and it stimulates the intestines, but white bread is almost all made up of carbohydrates, starch, salt and sugar. Compared to it, rye is healthier, so experts believe.

White bread

Nutriciologist Anastasia shared useful information on Instagram about how and why mold forms on bread and how to avoid it.

Nutriciologist's recommendations

The most dangerous bread can be any bread if it has mold on it!

The most common molds that develop on bread are green, ink (blue-green) and black mold. The most poisonous is yellow mold (Aspergillus flavus) and black rot - (Aspergillus fumigatus).

It is worth noting that yellow mold and black mold produces a strong mycotoxin, which is also called aflatoxin. Its encounter with the human body is undesirable and extremely dangerous - it causes severe lung damage and can even lead to death.

How to avoid mold on bread

It is important to know that eating foods with mold can have serious health consequences. The microscopic fungi that appear on food release a special type of toxins - mycotoxins - during their growth. Some types of mycotoxins can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, any bread on which you see mold should be put in a bag and thrown away, never cut it.

The most common cause of mold on bread and food is improper storage!

How to store bread properly


"The cause of fungal colony activity is certain components in the composition of bread. And this does not mean that colored mold is chemistry. It all depends on what fungi are multiplying. Green color - you need yeast, sour-milk products, fruits. Cold it does not like, it multiplies only in warmth. Black - bread, fruits, vegetables. It multiplies in a moist environment. Pink - usually occurs on food scraps. For some reason, it's the most feared of all. It's unfounded. White - it's more of a wood borer. Breadbaskets, boards!", - said the nutritionist.

Why mold appears on bread

How to avoid mold on bread?

"First, you need to store strictly according to the conditions on the label. Secondly, in summer, buy in stores with ventilation and air conditioning. You can store it in the refrigerator. Even freezing is possible, there even the growth of mold slows down, but stale a little faster. And do not put the bread in the package under the sunlight. Moisture does not evaporate and creates very favorable conditions for the development of mold", - concluded the expert.

Delicious homemade bread

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