How to get rid of hormones and antibiotics in chicken: three ways that are available to everyone

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Chicken meat
Chicken meat. Source: pixabay.com

Chicken meat is one of the most budgetary and easy to prepare products, which can be the basis for cooking chops, cutlets, broth, and it can also be added to salads. Chicken shanks can be delicious baked with herbs and vegetables in the oven, and fillet kebabs can also be made. Wings can be baked and fried. It is worth noting that meat from domestic chicken is the healthiest, as the bird eats ecological products, but meat from the store can often be with antibiotics.

How to cook chicken meat properly

FoodOboz editors share 3 useful tips on how to properly cook store-bought chicken meat so that it is free of antibiotics and hormones. The useful tips were published in Zycie.news.

1. Boil chicken twice

Chicken broth

The first rule is not to cook broth and soup from purchased chicken. Since in the process of cooking most of the toxins from the meat get into the water. It is still very important to know that if you do boil such meat, the first water must necessarily be drained after boiling, and then pour clean water over the chicken and cook. This will get rid of most of the harmful substances.

2- Wash well and discard all the insides

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It's also very important to know that before cooking a store-bought product, it should be thoroughly washed and all internal organs should be carefully removed. Even if the chicken has been gutted, rinse it well, as most of the toxins accumulate in the inner part.

3. Remove the skin and soak the meat in a solution of water with salt and lemon juice

How to prepare chicken for cooking

This is the best way to get rid of the chemistry that may be in the meat - remove the skin. To prepare the solution, take a liter of water and 3-4 tablespoons of salt, add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, mix and put the meat in the solution. Leave to marinate for a few hours, and then drain the liquid and pour a new solution of the same components.

You can also pour mineral water over the chicken meat and leave it for a few hours, this will also help remove the chemistry from the meat.

How to properly marinate chicken

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