Cold spoon, towel, ice, bread: how to save greasy soup, broth and stew

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Homemade soup
Homemade soup. Source: pixabay.com

Everyone knows how to cook soups, but, very often they turn out to be too fatty. In order to save the soup from fat, cooks advise you to try a few simple flyhacks, for example, put a piece of bread or ice cubes in the fatty soup.

How to remove excess fat from soup

FoodOboz editors share the 5 best ways to remove most of the fat from soup, stew and broth.

Fat-free pea soup


Pour the cooled soup into a jug or saucepan, leave it for a few minutes and then pour it back into the pot. Most of the fat will remain on the walls of the jug and the dish will not be greasy.

Any bread

Store-bought bread

Place the bread slices in the fatty soup, but do not let them sink in, pressing them down lightly with a spoon. All the fat will be absorbed into the bread.

Metal ladle or cold spoon

How to remove all the extra fat from the soup with a ladle

Put a spoon or ladle in the freezer, then dip into the soup and the fat itself will "come up" to the spoon, this should be done several times to make all the fat disappear.


How to remove fat from soup with ice

Put a few ice cubes in a greasy dish. Then the fat around the ice will gather into large drops, then collect them with a spoon.

Towel and ice

Delicious homemade soup

Ice cubes can be wrapped in a clean kitchen towel and swirl them on the surface of the soup. The ice will attract the fat. Instead of a towel, you can use thick paper towels.

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