"Why is she still at large?" Ukrainians are outraged by the carefree return of singer Voronova, who "leaked" air defence to Russian media

Ukrainians outraged by singer Voronova's impunity

The carefree return to social media of Ukrainian singer Inna Voronova, accompanied by the removal of a video apologising for the publication of the air defence work, angered Ukrainians. They expected that the reckless act, according to the artist herself, would lead to serious consequences, so they demanded that the "FSB informant", as she was called in the comments, be detained and punished.

Netizens suggested that the performer would not receive the proper punishment previously announced by the Security Service of Ukraine, namely up to 8 years in prison. Under OBOZREVATEL's post on Facebook, Ukrainians expressed their dissatisfaction (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The site's subscribers wondered why the singer continues to live carefree and post on social media, complaining about the "karma" that allegedly led to her problems.

"This silicone has to go to jail! She broke the law", "Why should she worry? As always, everything will be solved", "Well, give her at least five. Then she'll worry", "Why aren't all her accounts blocked and why is she still at large?" "She should be punished fairly. If he has no brains, he won't have any", "He will be redeemed", "What apology? This is a regular FSB informant," said netizens.


As you can see, few people believed in the sincerity of the artist's apology. Ukrainians did not have enough words about "fear and recklessness" to forgive Voronova.

Recall that on May 16, Kyiv-based singer Inna Voronova filmed the work of air defence in the capital for some reason and posted the video online, indicating the location from which she filmed, making it easier for the Russian occupiers to give away the location of the air defence. The video was instantly spread by Russian media.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Security Service of Ukraine has identified six residents of the capital who illegally disseminated information about the work of the air defence forces. They face up to 8 years in prison.

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