What you need to do to make an orchid produce many buds: 3 simple tips

Orchid flowering is a real natural miracle

One of the most attractive features of indoor orchids is their ability to produce many flowers at once. This living bouquet is quite hardy and pleases the eye much longer than a cut one. But in order to get more than one peduncle on which beautiful flowers will appear, you need to provide the plant with the right conditions. Therefore, it is important to know what an orchid needs to have many buds and bloom beautifully.

The Ukrainian TikTok account World of Orchids, dedicated to these wonderful plants, named three key conditions. These are proper lighting, moisture, and feeding.


Orchids like to get a lot of light, but they do not tolerate direct sunlight. Therefore, place them in a place where they will be bathed in light, but will not risk getting burned.


Make sure that the plant has enough water, but also that it does not receive too much. It is more difficult to revive an orchid after root rot than after drought.


Since orchids usually grow on a rather poor substrate made of tree bark, they need regular feeding. Universal fertiliser for flowering plants is not suitable for them. It is better to take a specialised one. And use it in a lower concentration than the instructions suggest, because the plant does not tolerate excessive nutrition.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published detailed instructions on how to properly water orchids.

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