"What was that?" Hector Jimenez Bravo was brazenly kicked out of a supermarket: the cause of the scandal sparked much controversy. Video

The store employee could be fired

Famous chef and TV presenter Hector Jimenez Bravo told about an incident that happened to him the other day. The 51-year-old businessman had gone to a supermarket in Kiev to shop. He took his beloved pet, the Belgian Griffon dog Lupita, with him. However, the security guard did not like it, so the man scolded and kicked the artist out of the premises.

In his Instagram, Hector admitted that he does not understand how four-legged pets can be closed in the heat in cars or tied to the fence. The chef said he will no longer visit Novus supermarkets. In addition, the star advised the management to focus on customers and not to forget about our little friends (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

Jimenez-Bravo was angered by the behavior of the store security guard, who aggressively shouted in his wake: "Go to your kitchen and cook." After the conflict, the TV presenter said in his blog, "I hope in the near future, we will no longer have places where people with their animals are not allowed, and where people are treated like this. I don't understand how dogs can be locked in cars in the heat or left tied to the fence - they're family members."


The incident provoked a heated discussion on the "Master Chef" judge's blog. People were divided into two camps: some argue that they see nothing wrong when customers come into the store with a small dog in their arms, while others react sharply, stressing that they do not want to eat products with animal hair. But according to Ukrainians, in any case, the security guard should not communicate with customers in such a manner.

"No matter what, but the security guard has no right to be rude to a customer. I hope the administration responds adequately", "There is a big problem in Ukraine because of inappropriate treatment of animals. The Stone Age", "By law it is forbidden to enter the store with animals. But everything is at the discretion of the administration (security). In Silpo they even put special baby carriages, so you can take the baby and not hold it in your hands", "I don't understand, but why go to the store with dogs? There are health regulations", "I'm against any dogs in establishments. Not everyone is pleasant to eat or buy products with animal hair!", Hector's followers wrote.


By the way, the management of Novus responded to the scandal. The administration agreed that the situation was not normal. Hector was apologized for the store employee's insensitive behavior.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Héctor Jiménez-Bravo ran into the fury of fans because of the shots with the beloved. Many paid attention to the age of the chosen chef. To find out all the details - read our material .

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