What the most fashionable denim shorts of summer 2023 look like and what to wear with them: 5 stylish ideas. Photo.

Classics are in fashion

Shorts are an indispensable item in the summer heat. It's hard to imagine a summer wardrobe without this item. But what should you wear with them to look stylish? A simple white T-shirt or top is definitely not enough. These options became outdated a few years ago.

In addition to denim shorts with a belt, short skirts, Bermuda shorts and short sports shorts, in 2023, simple classic dark denim options will be at the peak of popularity. Their length should be much higher than the knee. OBOZREVATEL will demonstrate what to wear with them to attract admiring glances from others (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Shorts + bright jacket

Denim shorts look too simple with a basic T-shirt or shirt. A jacket is another matter. This item will make your look festive or strict, depending on the style of the blazer. For a jacket, choose this season's trendy colours - doll pink, tropical green or blue.


Shorts + jeans

Denim outfits are still in trend. Denim shorts and a denim jacket are a summer version of the classic Canadian smoking jacket. Complete your look with minimalist sandals or loafers.


Shorts + sconces + men's jacket

This option can be called the most daring and stylish. If you are not yet brave enough to leave only shorts and a short top, throw on a rough oversized jacket, preferably from your boyfriend's or brother's wardrobe. Complete the look with a cap.


Shorts + leather shirt

Denim and leather is also a good combination. It looks extravagant and sophisticated. It is best to combine short shorts made of dark denim and a shirt made of soft, thin leather.


Shorts + tweed jacket

Another new and interesting combination for the summer season. Coco Chanel could hardly have imagined that her favourite tweed jackets would be worn with short shorts. Do you want to look shocking? Repeat the outfit.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that many of the usual combinations of things in 2023 look very old-fashioned and cheapen the look. Follow the link to find out what combinations you should forget about this summer.

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