What is the song Heart of Steel about, which TVORCHI will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023? Lyrics.

The song by the TVORCHI duo is about a steel heart in the chest, hardened by trials

On May 13, the Ukrainian duo TVORCHI will perform in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with their song Heart of Steel under the 19th entry. The composition, which the artists presented to the whole of Europe, was conceived as a life-affirming song about people who, faced with difficult situations, continue to move forward with a smile.

As the musicians themselves explained, Heart of Steel is about a steel heart in the chest, hardened by trials. The broken, non-standard, intoxicating rhythm conveys the state of being unbreakable and smiling against all odds (to watch the lyrics and video, scroll to the end of the news).

"No matter what you say, no matter what you feel, get out of my way, because my heart is made of steel," the artists quoted the lyrics.

As the duo noted in an interview, they were inspired to write the song by the story of Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal.

"I couldn't imagine how hard it was for them there and how it seemed like it was the end, but in their eyes I saw fire, willpower and indomitability. It gave me shivers down my spine. Under these emotions, I wrote this song," said Andriy Hutsulyak.

"All Ukrainians have received hearts of steel and the whole world should follow our example and unite against evil in the name of peace," added Hutsulyak.

Lyrics to the song "Heart of Steel"

[Verse 1]:

Sometimes gotta let it go

Sometimes gotta look away

Sometimes you just gotta know

When to stick your middle finger up in the air

I can't explain

Tell you how I feel

Life is just a game

And I'm playing for the win

Don't be scared to say just what you think

'Cause no matter how bad, someone's listening


Don't care what you say

Don't care how you feel

Get out of my way

Cause I got a heart of steel

Don't care what you say

Or how you feel

Oh, I got a heart of steel, oh-oh

[Verse 2]:

You just like to act a fool

Tryna get in my head like

When I turn on my headlights

I can see right through you

Tryna get a reaction

I just hit the action move

You know I can never lose

You like the attention too

This has been about you

Don't be scared to say just what you think

Cause no matter how bad, someone's listening.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- TVORCHI, who will represent Ukraine at the song contest on May 13, travelled to Liverpool by train. The stars and their team were seen off at the Kyiv railway station. During the train's departure, the duo's song, which they will perform in the final, was played;

- On May 4, the TVORCHI duo, which represents Ukraine at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, held their first rehearsal on stage in Liverpool. The musicians wore new costumes designed by internationally renowned Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov.

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