What dress to choose to look slimmer and taller: everyone should know these secrets. Photo.

A good dress will help you look slimmer

A well-chosen dress style can work wonders for your figure. If you place the right accents in your look, reveal the most delicate parts of your body and cover the most problematic ones, your silhouette will look taller and slimmer.

There are 5 models of dresses that will help you visually get rid of extra pounds. OBOZREVATEL decided to show you what options you need to take a closer look at (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Wrap dress

The wrap dress creates an hourglass silhouette that will help to visually narrow the waist. Long dresses will lengthen your figure and hide your curvy hips.


Shirt dress

To look slimmer in a shirt dress, you should choose models made of lightweight fabrics, as dense materials will add extra centimetres to your figure. A dress made of cotton, linen and other lightweight materials will visually elongate your silhouette thanks to its cut and vertical row of buttons.


Dress with a V-neckline

A deep V-neckline reveals the most graceful part of the body - the collarbone. This style lengthens the neck and reduces the volume of the shoulders, chest and face.


Dress with an accent on the waist

A belt or just a taper at the waist is a winning option for every lady who wants to look slimmer. The wider the belt, the more elegant the figure will look.


A-line dress

A dress that widens from the waist down will help create smooth silhouette lines and divert attention from the hips, if necessary. However, you should choose mini and midi models, as the length in this case can play a bad joke.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about which colours you should forget about if you want a slimmer figure. One palette of shades makes the body look fit and athletic, while the other can distort the shape.

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