Wake-up call: these 5 phrases indicate that you are being manipulated

These phrases will help you recognise a manipulator

You may not even realise that your loved one, whom you genuinely admire or love, is actually a manipulator and psychopath. However, you should not immediately suspect everyone and trust no one.

In order to recognise a manipulator, you need to listen carefully to what the person says to you. Obozrevatel will tell you what phrases psychologists believe manipulators use in communication.

"You're ungrateful and don't appreciate what you have"

This is a favourite phrase of manipulative parents. Having accumulated a lot of life experience, they try to teach their children how to "live right". However, children should learn from their experiences and mistakes, gaining their own wisdom. The manipulator carefully labels others, imposing his vision on others. It is clear that only he or she has the answer to the question of how to live and what to value in life.

"You're making a big deal out of nothing!"

Perhaps we do sometimes globalise some problems. Women are especially prone to this. However, we should assess the situation with a cool head and objectively. The manipulator's goal is to make his victim feel paranoid. For example, "Darling, you shouldn't drive so fast, I'm afraid we'll crash." If, after such a request, your man accuses you of being a pushover and makes you feel hysterical, then this is pure manipulation. Unless, of course, you were travelling down the road at 30 km/h.

"It's your fault"

A manipulator always blames everyone but himself. Taking responsibility is not about him. They always find a convenient way out by shifting the blame to others or circumstances. This gives them a sense of superiority over people and a sense of omnipotence, because they are never wrong. If you try to justify yourself, they will become indignant. In fact, this is exactly what they fear to hear themselves if someone proves them wrong. Shaming the other person is the only way for a manipulator to avoid feeling ashamed of their failures.

"You never understand me"

Other people are not allowed to have a point of view that differs from what the manipulator thinks is right. Therefore, if you accidentally decide to disagree, you will be told: "You don't understand me!". Very often, the manipulator uses gaslighting in his arsenal, i.e. he makes the other person doubt his judgements and actions, driving him almost to a state of madness.

"You're out of your mind!"

It's easy to fall into the trap of a manipulator if you act in a way that is contrary to their perception of the world. He will definitely use this opportunity to prove you wrong. He may say things like: "You've gone crazy with your jealousy!", or "You need to go away and get some rest, you're talking nonsense!". He will find reasons to accuse you of being crazy. This "heavy artillery" is usually used during an escalating relationship.

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