Versatile and let your feet breathe: 5 models of summer shoes that don't get hot

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Shoes for your light and stylish summer outfits.

In summer, you want to lie under the air conditioner for three months and drink a cool cocktail. Especially when the thermometer column breaks records. But it is necessary to go outside. At least to walk to the office (if you do not work remotely) and take a sunbath.

For a walk, wear light-colored clothing made of natural fabrics and be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen. And what about shoes? What kind of shoes will be most comfortable on hot days? Read in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

1. Flip-flops

This is one of the best options for summer. If previously the flip-flops were relevant only for holidays on the beach, but now they have migrated to the urban closet. On the store shelves there are numerous options for models of shoes: from rubber to leather with a square toe. They can be worn with sundresses, shorts, jeans and pants.


2. Slides

It's a delight for your feet. If you like outdoor activities or long walks in the warm season, you will need slides. They are made of high quality materials and follow the anatomical contours of the foot. And they provide excellent ventilation, creating comfort even in hot weather.


3. Sandals

This is a practical low running shoe, which is ideal for everyday wear. In hot weather, avoid artificial leather or plastic a la jelly shoes. Wear sandals made of textile or quality leather.


4. Mules with opened front

This option is a great solution for short evening walks. Especially if they have heels or a small platform. It is desirable to choose the most open models of sandals: with thin straps, open heel and toe.


5. Mules with closed front

These are women's shoes that usually have a closed front and an open heel. It can be both with a heel and without them. Sometimes the front part is also open, but only in the toe zone - and it is on this variant we recommend to pay attention in summer. In the mule will not be hot for sure.


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