Unexpected twist! Retro dresses are back in fashion: what to wear and how to create a luxurious look. Photo.

Polka dots and maxi are back in trend

You may not know it, but you may already have a few retro dresses in your collection. Does it sound unlikely? Then ask yourself: a little black dress, a polka dot dress, a mini, a maxi with ruffles? We think that at least one of them is hanging in your wardrobe. Each of them went down in fashion history, so we have every right to call them "retro".

OBOZREVATEL will share which retro dresses became a hit in 2023 and what to wear with them. With at least 80 years of fashion history at our disposal, there is plenty to choose from (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos).

Flared to the bottom, pencil dresses or fitted dresses from the 50s will suit both everyday and festive occasions. If your legs are your pride, then choose a mini dress that was so stylish in the 60s.


If you are a fan of boho style, then you will definitely not remain indifferent to retro dresses inspired by the 70s. Give preference to maxi dresses with flounces, tassels and wide sleeves. This will create a sophisticated and festive look.


As we wrote earlier, openwork will be at its peak in 2023. Openwork collections of the greatest fashion designers of our time are already appearing on the catwalks. But this look is definitely not suitable for every day.


What to wear with retro dresses?

The peculiarity of retro dresses is their uniform style. This means that it is advisable to choose retro jewellery to match such a dress. "Vintage" dresses will be appropriate to wear with: mini handbags shaped like an envelope; gloves; wide belts; veils; large glasses with darkened lenses; scarves.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported what things from the noughties are long overdue for a complete break. Nostalgia can play a bad joke if you are guided by it when creating an image. For example, knee-length breeches have been out of fashion for many seasons.

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