"Under Vinnitsa rain": Darisha released a new single on the day of her sixteenth birthday

Darisha celebrated her sixteenth birthday with a new single

The winner of the national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Daria Krasnovetskaya, already well known to listeners as the singer Darisha released a new single for her sixteenth birthday. The song has a romantic title "Under Vinnitsa rain".

This is already the third single of Darisha on the YULA Label. The song conveys the first emotions of falling in love, the first sincere feelings that everyone experienced. So it is sure to resonate in the hearts of her peers and in the memories of those older than her.

"This song is about the beginning of teenage life, about the first feelings, about something new that we learn. And all of that I tried to convey as much as possible in "Under the Rain of Vinnitsa." I think this track evokes only the warmest and sweetest emotions, so I hope that my peers, who are now also living the same bright teenage life, will definitely like this song, - said Darisha.


The new track will also remind all the adults of the brightest moments of their adolescence and the first kisses in their youth.

It seems to me that this single is about all of us, and for me personally it evokes nostalgic feelings, even though I'm 35. Listening to this song, I remember my youth and my vacation at camp. As I remember it was in Vorzel, that's where I fell in love for the first time and kissed on the cheek... These warm memories always live in my memory. And in general, the track is not tied to a specific age, because you can kiss at any age, and not only can, but should! Under Vinnitsa, Kyiv and even Warsaw rain, the main thing is to kiss, dear friends! - emotionally told the author of music and lyrics.

And "Under Vinnitsa rain" is not just a song, it is an important step in Darisha's creative work, symbolizing the beginning of a new stage in her life. It's not for nothing that the release of the new single was released on the singer's birthday.


"The day the single was released I turned 16, and I think the date is very symbolic for the release - it's the sweet 16, the beginning of one of the brightest periods of our lives. So I think it was a great decision to release the track on this very day!" - shared her emotions with the birthday girl Darisha.

As the author of the lyrics and music the singer ADAM told, the work on the track lasted for about a day.

"Somewhere in the middle of March Daria came to my studio in Kyiv from Vinnitsa. We actually wanted to work on another project and there was a technical malfunction. Then I picked up a guitar and just started strumming. Pretty quickly the lines came to me: "We kissed in the rain of Vinnitsa..." I liked this phrase so much, besides Daryna is from Vinnitsa. Just in a day we finished the verse, and now you can listen to the track on all streaming platforms!" - shared the author.

The single is already available on music platforms.


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