Ukraine's representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 TVORCHI held the first rehearsal of their updated performance in Liverpool. Photo.

TVORCHI held the first rehearsal of the updated number for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Today, on May 4, the TVORCHI duo, who will represent Ukraine at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, had their first rehearsal on stage in Liverpool. The musicians performed in new costumes designed by world-famous Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov.

The footage from the rehearsal was posted on the official Instagram page of the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine by the Public Broadcaster. The photos show that the performance, as planned, has undergone some changes. However, the main scenery in the form of cubes with screens was left from the national selection.

Instead of a golden jumpsuit, Jeffery Kenny will now wear a black suit consisting of very wide trousers and a tee, with a large voluminous heart made of gold on the chest as a reference to the title of the duo's entry song, Heart Of Steel.


On the vocalist's right hand is a tall golden glove that resembles a knight's armour.


As for Andriy Hutsulyak, he appeared on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in a voluminous silver cloak. A steel heart is also pulsating on his chest.


The artists did not abandon their main element in their looks - dark sunglasses.


By the way, not all Ukrainians appreciated the duo's new costumes. More specifically, some Internet users criticised Andriy Hutsulyak's silver cape.


"Take off that awful silver cape immediately!", "The silver cape is clearly unnecessary here," "I think the previous costumes were better," "Remove that foil cape," commenters leave.


TVORCHI will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest final as our country won last year. The duo will take to the stage and fight for victory on May 13. Read our article to find out where and when Ukrainians can watch the final.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a monument dedicated to the hope for peace in Ukraine was unveiled in Liverpool. The statue depicts a man with a book, a dove and a Ukrainian flag. It will be transported to our country after the war.

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