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Minimalism is back in fashion
Minimalism is back in fashion

It is recommended to sort the clothes that have become irrelevant since last season out before updating your closet with new fall and winter trends. The glamor of the 2000s is no longer in fashion, including brightly colored down jackets and vests and stiletto boots.

There are probably a few things in your closet that can be considered an anti-trend this fall. OBOZREVATEL tells you what clothes to get rid of.

  • Neon colors
The pink jacket should be replaced with clothes of a calmer shade

The whole world is still crazy about the pink color in Barbie style, but it will be relevant only by the end of summer, stylists say. Neon shades are not practical at all and became boring, so it is better to put such clothes on the shelf until the 2000s will not come back in fashion again.

They will be replaced by calm milky and beige tones in fall 2023. Light colors look expensive and the rich old-money style is at the peak of popularity right now.

  • Stiletto boots
Stiletto boots are no longer in fashion

Stiletto boots should be set aside for sophisticated looks. It is recommended to replace them with tube boots with massive heels or rough soles. Cowboy-style boots will be at the peak of popularity in 2023.

  • Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans should be replaced with straight ones

The fact that skinny jeans have long been out of fashion is not a novelty. However, some girls are still trying to fit them into their closet. They have many alternatives, but the eternal classic is straight models. They should be chosen according to the type of figure.

  • Knitted dresses
You should choose knitted dresses with a cutout

A knitted dress is convenient to wear under a trench or coat in the fall. However, you should not choose an ordinary model that looks like a longsleeve. This year, high necklines and maxi skirts are in fashion. Knit dresses are no exception. The trend will suit a girl with any type of figure.

  • 2000s glamour
Minimalism is back in fashion

Britney Spears' style, which was at the peak of popularity in 2022, has now become an anti-trend once again. The bright fashion of the noughties didn't last long and stylists are returning to simple items, giving the minimalism of the 90s a new life. These are leather jackets, pointed shoes, cardigans and baguette bags.

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