Three signs you can tell if a person is lying: it takes a couple of minutes

Linguists told how to tell if a person is lying to you

Trust helps us build relationships with others. Most of the time we rely on the sincerity of the person we are talking to, but the reality is that this is not always the case.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to understand when the person in front of you is lying to you. Linguists have come to the conclusion that this requires paying attention to the way your interlocutor speaks.

Three clues in their paper "Hmm, I can tell you're lying" were voiced by linguists Archuley J., Mallard D., and Villar G.

Rehearsed speech without pauses or interjections

There are pauses in a person's speech, which he, looking for appropriate words, fills with meaningless interjections: "mm...hm...hm..." and others. According to some studies, if there are many such filled pauses, it is a real stream of consciousness. In this case, the person is formulating a sentence right now, that is, the conversation is lively, spontaneous, and not feigned.

If the person is lying, there will be fewer pauses and interjections, because he most likely rehearsed in advance what he wants to tell you. Liars usually think that all sorts of "um" and "um" will indicate their insecurity, so they will artificially suppress them in order to convince the other person that what they are saying is true.

Not very diverse vocabulary

Usually, when a person lies, he does not go into much detail and is not too verbose. As a rule, liars try to say less so that they don't get confused later in their own made-up story. There will not be much detail in such an untruthful story, because it may not pass a simple test.

Scientists believe that if the story is true, it will consist of more words, a variety of synonyms, and will generally be more vivid.

"Persuasive" wording

Statistically, liars quite often use the words "always," "absolutely," "never," and other markers of absolute certainty. This is done in order to convince the interlocutor that they are telling the truth.

At the same time, a person who does not lie will more often use wording expressing doubt: "maybe", "maybe" and others.

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