This should put you on your guard: 10 phrases that can give away a manipulative man

Pay close attention to the behaviour and phrases of the person you choose

At the beginning of a relationship, it's not easy to spot a manipulative man. After all, they all pretend to be gentle, loving and decent. However, some phrases can show his true self and become a "bell" that the love story time to end.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you what phrases a man-manipulator uses to subdue a girl's will. Such a man uses caress and force in turn, and still forces those around him to do what he needs.

1. Why are you doing this when I do so much for you?

A men will try to convince you that he's sacrificing his comfort and goals for you, and you're repaying him with ingratitude.

2. I tell you everything and you don't want to share your secrets with me

This veiled message that there isn't enough trust between you should make you wary. Why should you have to initiate him into your every move? After all, we're free people and we deserve to have our own space.

3. I thought you loved me, but you can't give up going to a cafe/meeting with your mum for me

Love is not about giving up other pleasures of life and human contact. Why not just tell him why he needs your presence today? You may want to change your plans yourself.


4. You made me this way

If your boyfriend tells you that you made him jealous/aggressive/nervous, you should run away from him. After all, the guy isn't ready to take responsibility and will spend his life blaming you for something.

5. I didn't say that

Does he make you doubt your own mental capacity and think you have a memory problem? Obviously, this is not the person he is trying to make himself out to be.

6. I am a failure, there is always something wrong with me

The manipulator will pity rather than solve problems. After all, agree, citing bad luck is easier than saying, "Sorry, it's my fault, I'll fix it." And by the way, when he runs out of arguments, he'd rather make you feel guilty.

7. I didn't lie, you're the one who didn't ask

Misunderstandings are also a kind of lie. Especially if they choose to hide the truth not because of forgetfulness, but on purpose.


8. Why are you making it harder?

Why would a man devalue your experiences by saying that you are making things worse on purpose? In most cases, men start using this phrase when girls are trying diligently to get to the bottom of it.

9. I gave you flowers, why are you offended?

Often the stronger sex thinks that if they give a lady three roses or a stuffed toy, they will forget all his sins and rush straight into his arms. But we know it doesn't work that way.

10. Love me for who I am

This phrase is more for the infantile teenager than the dependable man. After all, if a boyfriend really loves you, he'll try to get better every day.

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