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Black color is better not to use
Black color is better not to use. Source: pixabay.com.

In 2023, girls are being forced to part with many trends that have been at the peak of popularity for years. Makeup trends are fluid and constantly intertwining, so if one makeup product is considered outdated but you like it - it doesn't mean you should throw it away.

However, puffy raised eyebrows, porcelain face effect and boring brown shadows are no longer in fashion. OBOZREVATEL tells about useful tips for fashionable makeup in 2023 and what mistakes should not be made.

  • Double Wear foundation with its mask effect

A fresh, natural complexion with light blush, moles or freckles is at the peak of popularity right now. You should take a break from thick foundations and go for lighter textures. The mask effect on the face looks sloppy and also clogs pores.

"This year we will see a lot of fresh, light makeup. I choose toning creams with SPF protection instead of heavy matte tones. These products are not only aimed to beautify the complexion but also to care for it," makeup artist Mary Phillips notes on her Instagram. Among her clients are famous stars Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez.

Dense foundation should be avoided.
  • Wide eyebrows brushed upwards

Lush eyebrows are starting to disappear. Laminating and using styling gels should be avoided. Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid prefer natural eyebrows. Stylists consider this the first step to narrow eyebrows as in the 90s.

The trend is neat, smooth and natural eyebrows lightened by several tones. To achieve this effect, you need to use a pencil or gel slightly lighter than the hair color.

The color black should be abandoned
  • Colorless lipsticks

Many were convinced that nude glosses would forever remain in fashion. However, deep and dark shades are in trend this year. In the Instagram of famous masters today, lips of expressive, saturated colors with a glossy frame prevail.

If you still like natural shades, makeup artists advise to draw them 1-2 tones darker. At the peak of popularity are eggplant and burgundy-colored lipsticks in combination with "naked" eye makeup without shadows and mascara.

Dark lipsticks are back in fashion
  • Brown shadows

For a few years now, brown shadows have been on girls' eyes. This year, the trend will change vector in favor of fresh and shiny shadows. With the return of fashion in the 90s and 2000s, shadows in the colors of steel, silver and graphite are back.

The cool color palette is just as versatile as warm brown shades. However, you need to be careful with gray and apply it smoothly to avoid a messy makeup effect.

  • Precise lines and black color

The trend today is blurred lines and low-key makeup, in which black color and linear arrows definitely do not fit. To give brightness, you should use shadows and pencils, well blending the lines.

Smoky look will fit into any image. To create this effect, you need an oil pencil and a brush for blending.

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