This is how you dress in Paris: 5 ideas on what to wear a pair of bell-bottom jeans to look like a real Frenchwoman

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Stylish combinations with bell-bottom jeans.

French women are able to play up even their everyday outfits in interesting ways. Their sense of style seems to be passed on genetically. They wear simple clothes with little accents and they're the centre of attention.

They're especially fond of the plaid. Telling the story OBOZREVATEL with what to rhyme a similar bottom to look like a real lady of Paris.

1. With a white shirt

In order not to look trivial, remember a few rules. First, the shirt should have a loose fit and be made from lightweight materials. For example, a thin cotton or linen shirt. Secondly, accentuate the waist by slightly tucking the top into the jeans. For cooler weather, you can style this outfit with a warm jumper with horizontal lines.


2. With a silhouette cardigan

Since the plummeting cut is slightly wider at the bottom, a silhouette cardigan will help balance the silhouette. Choose high-waisted jeans with a cropped, button-down top. This is exactly the kind of look Parisians love.


3. With a tweed jacket

Nearly every other Parisian has a vintage tweed jacket in her wardrobe. Shortened so as not to distort the body's proportions. This noble material makes the images really exquisite. It's best to combine tops and bottoms in the same colour palette.


4. With a romantic blouse

Create a feminine look with a touch of Parisian charm. To do this, put together an outfit with blouses on which the sleeves or collar are decorated with lace, ruffles or small flounces. These models are self-contained, so eschew those with mottled prints, pearls or massive embroidery.


5. With a monochrome top

French women love wearing tops in a classic palette with an American armhole. These pieces are a fun way to expose the shoulders, but still cover the neckline and the neck. To accentuate the look, complement it with solid jewellery.


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