This hairstyle from the 60s is back in fashion! It suits all women and noticeably rejuvenates. Photo.

Italian bob burst into fashion

In the wake of the revival of retro trends, a hairstyle that was at its peak in the 60s - the Italian bob - has come into fashion. This elegant haircut not only suits women with any facial features, but also significantly rejuvenates and refreshes the look.

The universal length will allow you to make an Italian bob for both ladies who need to collect their hair and those who like to show off their femininity with loose strands. The editors of the Gratka website told us more about the old trend (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).


The bob is one of the most common and versatile hairstyles in the world. Its shortened length at the back makes it possible to add volume to the hair at the nape of the neck, while elongated strands add romance to the look.


The peculiarity of the Italian bob is its length - below the chin. This makes it look like a bob, slightly elongated near the face.


This hairstyle is very practical, as it can be easily put into a ponytail, but it looks even more elegant when loose. The Italian interpretation of the bob is dominated by carelessly curled strands, as if after swimming in salt water.

Such styling with large curls will add lightness to the image and help you look visually younger.


Recently, OBOZREVATEL wrote about three short hairstyles that age you badly. The stars have demonstrated that a bob with straight bangs adds a few years. And the mallet is not only outdated, but also an option only for a certain type.

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