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You should forget about bright hair colors after 40

Ladies after 40 often want to "refresh" their image, change their hair or style. However, some fashion solutions can play into the hands of women who want to look younger, and visually add to their age.

For example, a bright hair color will emphasize age-related changes and make the image ridiculous. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell what shades of hair should be avoided and why (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Ash blonde

Among young beauties, blond without a yellow tint has been popular for many years. However, on older women it will not look so beautiful, because it resembles gray. Ash blonde will emphasize the pale skin and all the wrinkles, veins and redness on the face.


Bright Shades

Bright experiments with hair after 40 years are perceived as an infantile decision and the desire to attract attention. Pink, green and blue shades on the hair will make the image ridiculous and add years.



Many women choose black, mistakenly believing that it will help them look younger. It should be understood that the pigment will be difficult to remove from the hair, if in the future there will be such a desire. In addition, black will visually make the skin paler, emphasize dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles.



In an effort to radically change the image and add color to it, some ladies dye red or bright orange. Do not forget that these shades are not suitable for all young beauties, because the bright colors can be very contrasting with the color of the skin and eyes. Adult women, despite these factors, should also take care of the condition of their hair. Usually before the application of red hair is bleached, which can damage the already weak curls.


OBOZREVATEL recently wrote about how to pick a hairstyle that will rejuvenate a lady. The color, length and shape of hair can have a great influence on the appearance of every woman. To find out all the details, follow this link.

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