They mask the belly and give confidence: 5 models of summer dresses that delicately correct the figure

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High-waisted dresses focus attention on the upper body, skilfully hiding the belly

Sometimes women feel self-conscious about their belly. So, at the beginning of summer, they take hoodie dresses out of their closets to disguise it. In fact, these models are a bad decision. They distort the proportions of the figure and significantly add volume to the entire torso. Is this the effect you wanted to achieve? I don't think so.

What dress models will gently disguise the excess and emphasise the parts you want to show off. Read more in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Shirt dress (semi-fitted)

These dresses resemble classic shirts, but have a looser fit and a length that is long enough to hide problem areas. They are usually made from lightweight natural fabrics such as cotton or linen to ensure comfort in the heat.


2. A-line dress

This model is characterised by a tight-fitting top and a skirt that gently widens downwards in the shape of the letter "A". It balances the silhouette by drawing attention away from the abdomen. You can style it with a bright jacket, which further corrects the figure.


3. High-waisted dresses

These dresses focus attention on the upper body and legs, cunningly hiding the stomach. They have a waist that is located under the chest or slightly above. This makes the legs appear longer. Such models usually have a skirt that widens downwards, creating a sunburst hem.


4. Dress with an asymmetrical cut

Choose a semi-fitted model without a belt and with an asymmetrical hem. It will balance the figure and make it more proportionate. This dress can be worn with pumps, sandals, mules or sneakers.


5. Wrap dress

These dresses usually have a V-neckline, which helps to create vertical lines and visually elongate the silhouette. The wrap cut accentuates the chest and waist, and also draws attention away from the abdomen, making it less noticeable.


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