They look tasteless and cheap: what summer shorts long ago should be thrown out and forgotten. Photo

Put these models on the far shelves of cabinets

The real summer clothes are not dresses, jackets and jeans, but shorts. We always associate them with vacations, the sea and hanging out with friends till morning in the park. This part of our closet gives us comfort, fits absolutely any style, makes us feel free and easy.

OBOZREVATEL wants to demonstrate what models of shorts are in the "black list" this season. Despite the fact that just a couple of years ago, these options flooded the stores and streets, now they are irrelevant (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Cycling sneakers

This trend started with Kim Kardashian and Emily  Ratajkowski, who two years ago stepped out in these shorts. After that, all fashionistas began to follow their example. However, it should be understood that the elastic fabric of the product treacherously emphasizes the slightest flaws of the figure and requires the wearer to have a perfect body. They really became straight style favorites, but every trend has an "expiration date". That is why in 2023, it is worth to give them up.


With cuffs

There is nothing catastrophic in shorts with cuffs, but they publicly declare that their owner has not followed the news of fashion for a long time. These can be replaced by options with untrimmed edges. They will create the effect of light carelessness.


With prints

Shorts with a floral print, checked, striped or polka dots would fit well on a picnic outside the city, but not on the streets of the metropolis. After all, to pick up an outfit in one tone is not as easy as it seems, and heterogeneity is not welcome. Take as a substitute for these, products in bright colors - doll pink, sky blue or tropical green.



Although such models appeared in the trends recently, but they have not caught on at all. Their cut is similar to the skirt-shorts, which are very popular now, but such tailoring distorts the figure and proportions of the lady. Fashionistas have realized the disadvantage of the plaid and began to look for an alternative.


Recently, OBOZREVATEL reported what mistakes in the summer look will ruin your appearance. Too tight tops that form "rolls" in the armpit area, and jeans with huge holes look very comical. Check to see if there are any such items in your closet.

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