"They live in a different reality." Babkin admitted whether he communicates with relatives from Russia, and showed a meeting with his parents

Babkin constantly donates to the AFU

After the start of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian musician Serhiy Babkin left for Germany with his family. The singer gives charity concerts all over the world and helps AFU. In June 2023, he returned to Ukraine, visited his native Kharkov, and of course, met with his parents. By the way, the celebrity's mother and father are from Belgorod region. Some of the performer's relatives continue to live in Russia to this day.

This became known from an interview with "Channel 24". According to Babkin, he severed all ties with relatives from the terrorist country in the first month of the war. They are so zombified that they perceive every terrorist act of the Russian Federation as a confirmation of their rightness.

"We stopped communicating in the first month after the invasion. It's still impossible to talk because people live in a different, distorted reality. Whatever happens, for them it will only be a confirmation of their rightness," Serhiy Babkin said.


He noted that the last time he was in the Russian Federation was seven years ago. The artist does not deny that Russians who support Ukraine can attend his concerts, because now there are so many citizens of the neighboring state in Europe.

"When we are on tour, we usually have a very busy schedule: plane or train - hotel - concert venue. So in the conditions of the "wilderness" we do not observe anyone. I think that those Russians who support Ukraine come to the concerts, because me and 5'nizza had a lot of fans there," the singer explained.


The Babkins family donates money from charity concerts to funds and the 127th Separate Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kharkiv. According to Serhiy, the total amount of his donations exceeded 300 thousand euros.

More recently, OBOZREVATEL wrote that Svetlana Loboda donated 100 thousand hryvnias to Kherson people who suffered as a result of the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. Also the singer will give an apartment in Kyiv to a family with many children. Read all the details at the link.

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