These skirts should not be worn after 40! 5 models that look ridiculous and distort the figure

Some skirts should not be worn after 40 years

It's not for nothing that the wardrobe of a stately adult woman often differs from her taste in clothing in her youth. After the age of 40, ladies should avoid revealing, massive and bright items that can distort the figure and look ridiculous.

In particular, this applies to skirts. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you what styles should be avoided (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Extreme mini

To attract attention after 40, you should have a well-established style, sophistication, elegance and femininity. Vulgar skirts that barely cover the buttocks will look ridiculous on statuesque women.


Tulle models

A light and fluffy tulle model looks very massive in the image. After the age of 40, such "youthful" skirts often look infantile and massive, although bold beauties sometimes wear them in an effort to stand out from the crowd.


"Sunny" style

This is the name given to skirts that hold their shape and visually resemble the sun. However, few people understand how much this model "widens" the hips and adds years. Besides, such skirts have long gone out of fashion.



Skirts that do not hold their shape at all, do not fit the figure and do not flow down are also called "bags". Such a model will not adorn any figure, but it will easily visually add a few kilograms.


Strange patterns and glitter

Abstract designs, dull patterns and excessive glitter are relics of the past. The best option is a clear shape, a clear and trendy design, as well as conciseness. Sparkly skirts will not decorate the outfit, but will look old-fashioned.


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