These 5 things are in the wardrobe of every French woman: they are indispensable in hot weather and will never go out of style. Photo.

They can be combined with each other

French women are living proof that you can look elegant even in the most intense heat. It's enough to choose the right styles and cut, focus on natural fabrics and delicate shades. Be smart when shopping for clothes!

OBOZREVATEL will tell you about the items that French ladies cannot imagine their lives without. Perhaps you have them in your wardrobe too? (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

1. Bodysuits

A bodysuit is a very comfortable thing. It won't stick out of jeans or skirts, and will also emphasise your curves. Choose products in neutral colours - white, beige, sand, pale pink. Knitted bodysuits with an open back are a stylish option in 2023.


2. Envelope dress

The fair sex from the most romantic country are very fond of envelope dresses. The V-neckline slims the neck and adds sexuality, the tie at the waist emphasises the shape, and the loose bottom piquantly flows around the hips. Following the example of Parisian women, choose models in black or light colours with a small pattern.


3. Fitted skirt

You must admit that you need to have a midi skirt made of delicate airy fabric on your wardrobe shelf. Just don't buy monochrome options, they are very boring. Pay attention to patterns from the 70s, small peas, or a medium-sized floral print.


4. Espadrilles

Don't ask why French women have a favourite summer shoe of Spanish origin. But it is very soft, light and suits almost all styles. Gladiator sandals are also not at their peak this year.


5. Wicker basket bag

One of the favourite summer accessories of French women is a wicker basket that doubles as a handbag. And these ladies do not believe that this model can only be taken to the beach. It goes well with dresses, sundresses, skirts, and romantic looks in general. You should like the light-coloured models with fabric inserts.


As OBOZREVATEL recently reported, five models of hats will be very relevant this summer. Fans of panama hats and caps will rejoice, because now your style will be the envy of many. In addition, silk scarves will also flood the streets.

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