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Lifting make-up saves from signs of ageing
Lifting make-up saves from signs of ageing

You can get rid of facial wrinkles and sagging skin not only with the help of beauty injections and surgery. You can hide age-related changes using cosmetics that can erase a decade from your face.

The difference between anti-ageing and regular make-up is in the techniques of applying decorative cosmetics. Properly selected colours will help you look younger. OBOZREVATEL tells you what products to use.

  • Shiny primer
Shiny primer conceals wrinkles.

The shiny primer keeps skin smooth and hydrated, evens out tone and texture. In addition, it masks minor imperfections, wrinkles and pores. It should be applied before foundation to ensure that your make-up lasts all day.

Products with a dense texture clog the skin, making creases more visible and creating the feeling of a mask. To avoid this effect, try a primer with reflective particles that will add a natural glow.

  • Blush
Blush gives a healthy complexion.

With age, a healthy blush disappears and the complexion becomes dull. In lifting make-up, it is better to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, blending and pulling it towards the temples. This technique helps to visually tighten the skin.

To add brightness and freshness, use blush in natural shades. Give preference to peach, beige, light pink colours in the same colour scheme as the lipstick. A product with a creamy texture provides additional moisture.

  • Thick and wide eyebrows
Wide eyebrows rejuvenate.

Thin and sparse eyebrows add age. In adulthood, hair growth slows down. To strengthen the bulbs, you can apply a special oil at night.

Eyebrows should be soft and not have clear and sharp lines that look unnatural. Do not use black in your make-up. Blondes should choose a pencil or eyebrow shadow 1-2 shades darker than the main hair colour, brunettes - a shade lighter, and redheads - tone-on-tone.

  • Shaded eyeliner
The shaded arrow makes wrinkles look invisible.

Black arrows along the contour of the eye are considered an anti-trend, especially in anti-ageing makeup. The skin on the upper eyelid sometimes hangs over, so the graphic line will look untidy. Instead, you should draw a shaded arrow with a pencil using shadows or a pencil.

It is better to use an oil pencil, which is easy to apply and blend. In adulthood, avoid bright eyeliners.

  • Eyeshadow in neutral shades
Lifting make-up involves shadows of a neutral shade

Bright eyeshadows with shimmer are not recommended for anti-ageing make-up. Excessive glare attracts attention and accentuates irregularities on mature skin.

The whole range of beige-brown colours is suitable for lifting make-up, but grey shadows create the feeling of a dirty face. As with blush and eyeliner, the lines should go upwards, stretching the skin.

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