These 3 models of trousers are completely out of fashion: you need to forget about them so as not to look ridiculous. Photo

Perhaps in a few years they will come in handy again

Trousers will never overtake jeans in popularity, but they are also an indispensable part of the wardrobe. They are especially comfortable to wear in summer because you can choose natural and breathable materials. Cotton options are much more pleasant than hot denim models. However, it's worth remembering that some trousers are no longer relevant this season.

It is about such products that OBOZREVATEL wants to tell you about. Some people may be upset, but culottes are lagging behind this year. Read more below (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Low-rise cropped trousers

Low rise trousers are at the peak of popularity in 2023. They are worn both on their own and in tandem with high-waisted underwear. But cropped models will not please fashion experts at all. If the legs are much higher than the ankle, send such an item to the trash. Not only is this wardrobe item outdated, but it will also visually reduce your height.



High-waisted, cropped, wide bell-bottoms were the dream of every girl a few years ago. Now such products have disappeared from store shelves and do not appear on fashion catwalks. The main disadvantage of culottes is that they shorten even the longest legs. And you can't wear high heels with these trousers, as they don't fit in with the look at all.


Trousers with a large print

Print is a rather dangerous player, because the wrong pattern can distort the silhouette, add a few kilos and make the figure look ridiculous. This is especially true for large ornaments. Remember, large prints look "cheap". It's rarely possible to create a stylish outfit if your trousers are decorated with large inscriptions, flowers, peas, geometric shapes or a check.


We would like to remind you that OBOZREVATEL recently informed which skirts are the most stylish this season. Some models are designed for bold fashionistas. Long denim skirts are not designed for hot weather, but they will make you look like a million dollar woman.

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