The three best hairstyles for those who do not like to style their hair: "refreshing" and visibly young. Photo

To avoid styling your hair, you can choose a short haircut

In the hectic pace of life, there is less and less time left for a pleasant grooming routine. While many years ago ladies would spend hours trying to get their hair into a fancy hairdo, many people have now lost the desire to spend too much time on their hair. However, the desire to look neat and stylish has not disappeared.

To cut the time at the mirror, you can pick up a haircut that does not need to be styled but holds its shape. The editors of Dziennik Polski24 tell us about three universal hairstyles (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Ruffled, frizzy hair

Sloppy curls are the trend of the season. Beauties with curly hair are lucky if they know how to dry them properly. Such strands look feminine, stylish and simple. Owners of straight hair can use the services of stylists who can curl the hair for a long time. Such a haircut not only does not require a long styling, but also looks younger.



Bold women should consider the short hedgehog haircut, which is easy to take care of. If there is an ideal time to change the haircut to a shorter one, summer is it. "Hedgehog" - a bright element in the image, which will be remembered by others more than Hollywood styling.



Classic bob will bare the neck, neckline and emphasize facial features, and in combination with bangs will help to disguise age-related skin flaws. Short hair is easier to care for, and a specific haircut will help strands to keep volume.


OBOZREVATEL previously wrote about the two best hairstyles for a round face. They will emphasize the advantages and set the right accents.

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