The "rich girl" hairstyle: five best haircut ideas for fall that look gorgeous. Photo

Bob looks expensive.
Bob looks expensive.

Well-groomed hair without split ends looks expensive and fashionable. A short haircut is a simple and budget-friendly option for this.

Bob is the trend of recent seasons that does not require styling products. OBOZREVATEL tells about five variations, which are called hairstyles of "rich girls".

The French bob is trending.

Bob with straight bangs is attributed to the French,  as you can meet hundreds of girls with this hairstyle there. Parisians love this haircut as it gives lightness to the look and is very easy to style. French bob is suitable for thin and sparse hair.

Side bob looks expensive.

A simple way to change your look in a second is to tip your hair to the side. A side bob never goes out of style and is a great way to add volume without the use of styling prowess. It's perfect for girls with thick hair.

Bob is also suitable for curly hair

The perfect haircut for summer for girls with porous and curly hair is a simple bob. Girls with curly hair are usually afraid of short haircuts. However, stylists convince that this is the best option to get a root volume. Short hair does not burden the length and the "lushness" is distributed evenly.

Elongated bob is also in fashion.

If you find it hard to cut you hair, elongated bob is also on trend this fall. It is suitable for girls with a round face, because a regular bob makes it wider. Masters advise to make the cut asymmetrical and "torn".

Italian bob is at the peak of popularity

The Italian bob is a symmetrical cut at the chin line. Cut with a razor, the Italian bob always looks like it has just been done. It is a very simple and stylish hairstyle.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about hairstyles not suitable for women after 40 years. These haircuts add years.

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