The One Republic singer said he wanted to perform in Russia, but changed his mind after the fans' reaction

The artist complained about harassment of his followers

The lead singer of the famous American band One Republic, Ryan Tedder, surprised his fans by saying that after the war he wants to perform in the Russian Federation. Apparently, the musician does not consider Russia's invasion of Ukraine to be a crime, as he calls the citizens of the neighbouring state wonderful people. Not everyone liked the 44-year-old artist's reasoning, so he decided to quickly delete the post to wash away the shame.

Tedder posted the post on Twitter. Followers attacked the celebrity, claiming that the Kremlin regime was killing innocent people, and that he supported the Russian president's terrorist attacks. After the post was deleted, the performer expressed his desire to stop using the social network and complained about the harassment (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"We hope that when all this chaos dies down, we will be able to play a concert for the Russians again - we were forced to cancel our last few concerts last year. The people there have always been great, politics and war are bad," the celebrity said.



A few hours after his pro-Russian statement, the man said that he did not depend on people's opinions and would do as he saw fit. A discussion erupted again in the comments.


"The reason I left Twitter years ago... Regardless of your opinion or statement - half the people hate it, half love it. Bye," the vocalist wrote sharply. By the way, on his page he posted information about Prigozhin's "rebellion", clearly sympathising with the Russians.

"That's why I avoid expressing my opinion here, I don't need negativity and toxicity," "It's your choice, see you later," "Oh, so people don't have the right to express their own opinions that may differ from yours? Is this your definition of hate? If someone is not with you, they are automatically against you? I didn't know you were so soft. Goodbye," "You don't have to come back, clown," "Goodbye, Russian lover," we read under Ryan's tweet.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that singer Nargiz ridiculed Putinist artists who go abroad to give concerts. The vocalist made it clear that Russians are not welcome abroad and are considered outcasts around the world.

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