The most important day: the last preparations for the Eurovision 2023 grand final continue in Liverpool. Online broadcast with photos

In Liverpool, United Kingdom, final preparations continue for the grand final of the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Participants are preparing to wow Eurofans, spectators are gathering under the Liverpool arena, and guest stars are arriving on the spot.

OBOZREVATEL follows the most interesting events of the day and reminds you what you need to know before watching the final.

So, the show will start at 22:00 Kyiv time. Where you can watch it, and read our material. OBOZREVATEL will also conduct a text online chronicle.

Today on the Liverpool stage will perform 26 contestants - 20 winners of the semifinals, the "Big Five" founding countries, and the Ukrainian group TVORCHI.


In addition, Ukrainian stars will sing in the Eurovision Finals. Among them: are the winners of last year's Kalush Orchestra, the band Go_A, the singer and the winner of Eurovision 2016 Jamala, the singer's Tina Karol and Verka Serdyuchka.

By the way, this year the voting procedure for the participants has been changed. The instructions are described in our article.

Online timeline of the final of Eurovision 2023 (supplemented)

Night. Held a press conference of the so-called "Big Five" and the Ukrainian team, where TVORCHI once again reminded of their noble mission - to raise funds to help prematurely born children.


One day before the grand finale. The audience was introduced to the Ukrainian presenter and frontwoman of The Hardkiss band Yulia Sanina. After a short blitz, we found out that the actress would like to host again, believes that music will change the world, and prefers borsch instead of English breakfast.

OBOZREVATEL also introduced readers to interesting facts about the Eurovision Song Contest. Among them:

- 19-year-old Romanian representative Theodor Andrei during the second semifinal ended his performance with an anti-war appeal.

- Eurovision often faces scandals due to plagiarism. Read here who was accused of "borrowing" someone else's song.

- What were the performances of the youngest and oldest participants of the Eurovision Song Contest and what places they took?

- Who has won the Eurovision Song Contest most often in its history, and how many times Ukraine has won?

- Who Ukrainians represented other countries at the song contest and what success they achieved.

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