The house will always be clean: three rules of cleaning from Japanese women

The less junk - the less chaos in the house

The need to constantly clean, the endlessness of this process can be demotivating. Especially when there are young children in the house who can't yet help their parents with this. That's why Japanese housewives have developed a number of highfacts to help them maintain order without too much effort.

OBOZREVATEL tells about the basic principles that help Japanese women easily cope with cleaning. This approach is based on three basics.

Say goodbye to junk

Since the cramped streets of Japanese cities have virtually no space for garbage cans, household waste is picked up by special services at the doorstep of homes. Therefore, in order not to keep a large amount of garbage outside their homes, the Japanese prefer not to buy unnecessary things and get rid of unnecessary things in time. In the house keep only the minimum necessary useful and serviceable items that are constantly in use. Anything that can be called junk is given away, sold or thrown away without regret.

All things in their places

If you put one thing out of place after use, it will create a slight mess, a dozen things will turn into a serious mess, and several dozen will become real chaos, which will be very difficult to overcome. That is why the Japanese simply do not create this chaos. Everything that is used is immediately sent to the place of storage. No clothes on chairs, unwashed cups in rooms, or scattered appliances. Everything is in its own container. Residents are real fans of storage systems.

Gadgets to the max

Japan is famous for its advanced electronics. It also serves to make everyday life easier. From robot vacuum cleaners, which we are already familiar with, to drying cabinets, fancy kitchen appliances and special devices that clean windows themselves. Even garbage is put in buckets that then seal bags by themselves. No one feels lazy or slothful because of this - the Japanese work very hard and therefore understand how valuable their free time is, which can be wasted on endless cleaning.

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