The former Kiev drug dealer Chernetsky in all her glory filmed the work of the air defense and signed geolocation: what Ukrainians write to her

Singer Inna Voronova, the ex-wife of Kyiv drug dealer Yuri Chernetsky, in between the hype of her divorce, decided to publish on social media a video of the work of Ukrainian sky defenders that night. The Ukrainians was also not lazy to sign geolocation to make it easier for the Russian occupiers to give away the location of the air defense.

The clip from her Instagram was instantly picked up by Russian propagandists, and network users speculated that the second air-raid alarm of the night was related to reconnaissance of the area Voronova had filmed (scroll to the end of the page to see the photo).

Around 3 a.m., when the Ukrainian capital woke up to an air alert due to another massive missile strike, the blogger decided not to miss the "hot topic" and filmed the work of Ukrainian defenders from the window.

The video showed where the air defense system was firing from, but Voronova went further and noted that the video was filmed from the window of her apartment building, which we cannot name for obvious reasons.


Since the "star's" blog is popular in Russia as well, the video was quickly "shared" by propaganda subpubic to brag about how they ruined Ukrainians' night. The occupants used the information kindly provided by the Ukrainians to determine the location of the Ukrainian air defense system.

The video quickly disappeared from Voronova's page, as did the Influencer herself. Interestingly, she had previously actively maintained her page, but after the deleted post, she did not post anything else, did not close the page, and continues to receive fair criticism in her direction.

In the comments, angry Ukrainians, including residents of that very community, berate the blogger for her act. Subscribers called on the Security Service of Ukraine to pay attention to the work of Voronova, who is helping the enemy.


Recall that last August 25, a man was detained in Kyiv on suspicion of cocaine trafficking. The drug, packaged for sale, was seized from him in the amount of about 5 thousand dollars. It soon turned out that the detainee was a Ukrainian businessman and artist Yuri Chernetsky.

His wife, singer Inna Voronova, announced on the network the collection of money for bail in the amount of 4 million hryvnias. She offered her subscribers to chip in 1 thousand hryvnias each, and in return, she promised a free concert. Such an appeal in the midst of a full-scale war angered Ukrainians.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, after the verdict of 5 years in prison to Chernetsky, Voronova began to PR on the relationship with her husband. They separated and reconciled many times, attracting the attention of subscribers.

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