The country is noticeably in the lead: what country bookmakers predict victory in Eurovision-2023

Who bookmakers predict to win Eurovision 2023

Only a few days left until the start of the most ambitious song contest Eurovision-2023, which means that bookmakers have decided on their favorites. And although, as practice shows, their predictions can change the day before the finals, at the moment in the list of analysts there is a clear leader. The representative of Sweden Loreen noticeably broke away from her rivals in the bookmakers' ratings.

Not surprisingly, the Swedish singer is predicted to win - it's not the first time for her. In 2012, Loreen already won Eurovision with the song Euphoria, which is still considered one of the most popular hits in the history of the contest. The rating published on the site of Eurovisionworld shows that the performer has become the unconditional favorite of bookmakers in 2023.

Sweden is predicted to win with a probability of 42%. The odds have risen rapidly in recent years and have significantly outpaced the other contestants.


So, Ukraine, which this year is represented by the duo TVORCHI with a powerful song Heart of Steal, though closes the top three, but with a much lower rate - only 5%. In second place with 23% is the representative of Finland Käärijä with the rhythmic track Cha Cha Cha.


But back to the bookies' favorite. This year Loreen is going to repeat her success of 11 years ago with the song Tatoo. She is going to surprise not only with the song and the performance, but also with the unusual symbolic number. It is not yet known what the final version will be, but at the national selection in Sweden, it looked impressive.

Loreen will perform in the first semifinal as number 11. That will be on Tuesday, May 9. A total of 15 contestants out of 37 will take to the stage that day. Based on bookmakers' bets, Sweden is guaranteed a place in the final, which will take place on May 13.

Note that the contest song Loreen caused a scandal because it was suspected to be plagiarized. The audience discovered that the song Tattoo reminds Ukrainian singer Miki Newton's hit Captive released 18 years ago. However, the Ukrainian singer did not support such accusations against her colleague, but wished her luck at Eurovision.

Whether Loreen will really manage to surpass her own success with the Euphoria track will be known in less than a week. In the meantime, let's look back at how the Swede conquered Europe in 2012:

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that on Tuesday, May 9, the first semi-final of Eurovision-2023 will take place. The first 15 vocalists will compete for passage to the finals. In total, representatives from 37 countries will gather in Liverpool this year. Find out where and when you can watch the first semi-final in our material.

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