The beauty queen, who was mutilated by her ex-fiancé with acid, struck with a transformation: what the former Miss Italy looks like now. Photo

Notaro no longer hides his face
Notaro no longer hides his face

Italian TV presenter, socialite and model Gessica Notaro is increasingly making headlines. Six years ago, she almost died when her ex-boyfriend poured sulphuric acid on her face. She underwent several surgeries but lost an eye.

In 2007, Notaro was in the final of the Miss Italy pageant, and 10 years later she said goodbye to her beauty. However, she re-learned how to be beautiful and proved that it is possible to survive the most cruel vicissitudes in life. OBOZREVATEL showed how the woman has changed and what she is doing now.

Gessica Notaro has changed a lot.

Since childhood, Gessica Notaro has been singing on stage, participating in talent shows, and in 2007 was one step away from winning the Miss Italy beauty pageant. After that, she started her career in television.

Notare was a finalist in beauty contests.

Gessica was dating George Edson Tavares from the African Republic of Cape Verde. In the winter of 2017, the beauty decided to break off the relationship because he was an abuser and a tyrant. After the breakup, she wrote several statements to the police, fearing for her life. Her ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her. The police even issued a ban on the man's approach to his ex-girlfriend, but this did not stop him. Georges tracked Notaro to her home and doused her with sulphuric acid.

Gessica in the hospital.

The attacker was initially sentenced to 18 years in prison, but later reduced to 15 years. As a result of the attack, Gessica lost her left eye, but doctors managed to restore the skin of her face and the scars are almost invisible.

Notaro 10 years after the attack.

In 2017, Gessica Notaro was awarded the Chevalier of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for her courage and determination, for raising public awareness of the issue of combating gender-based violence.

Notaro is going to get married.

Gessica is now involved in charity work, supporting women who have suffered from domestic violence. She often posts stories of victims of tyranny on Instagram. In addition, the girl is dating circus performer Filippo Bogliotti, who proposed to her.

Notaro recently appeared on Italian television singing a song. She still has a bandage on her face to cover her injured eye, but this does not stop her from conquering show business.

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