The author of the cult novel "Eat, Pray, Love" canceled the book about Siberia and supported the Ukrainians

Elizabeth Gilbert canceled the release of the book about Siberia and supported the Ukrainians

The famous American writer Elizabeth Gilbert recently announced the release of her new book, The Snow Forest, about the life of Russians in Siberia. This caused bewilderment and even indignation among the Ukrainian public, after which the author decided to cancel the book.

According to Gilbert, over the past week she has received hundreds of messages from Ukrainians who have expressed their disappointment and pain at the fact that a book about the aggressor country of Russia is being published during a bloody terrorist war. After reading all of these comments, the writer decided to take "The Snowy Forest" off the publication calendar, which she announced on Instagram (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

The author of the cult bestseller "Eat, Pray, Love" assured that she supports Ukrainians wholeheartedly and understands that the release of a book about Russians now would be inappropriate.

"I want to say that I have heard and read all the messages, and I treat them with respect. So I am making an adjustment and taking the book off the publication calendar. This is not the time to publish this book. I don't want to add any pain to people who are already experiencing and continue to experience severe suffering. It's a choice I've made," Gilbert expressed.


Note that the plot of the book is about a group of Russians who decided to flee from society, to resist the Soviets and try to protect nature from industrialization.

Not all of Elizabeth Gilbert's fans were sympathetic to the writer's decision, and they wrote about it in the comments. They were answered by Ukrainian Internet users, who also thanked the star for her conscious and correct decision.

"I'm Ukrainian and I really appreciate this decision. It tells me that there is compassion and solidarity for me," "Dear fans of Elizabeth outside of Ukraine. You can be outraged, you can disagree, you can be surprised. You can support or not. It's all up to that point when war comes to your home, to your country. It is very easy to sit and talk when you are not killed, when your city and country are not bombed every day, when your comrades are not tortured, when children, brothers, husbands, wives are not dying. We Ukrainians defend our home, our country, our lives. And it is important for us to abolish Russia forever and in everything. Because it will help us survive," "Thank you for considering the current situation and Russia's war against Ukraine. It means a lot to your many Ukrainian readers," Ukrainians left in comments.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, the famous Bulgarian director and animator, Oscar nominee Theodore Ushev rejected an award at the Moscow Film Festival. He was awarded the statuette for the film "Phi 1.618". The filmmaker recorded a video appeal in which he explained that his behavior was a kind of protest against the bloody and destructive war in Ukraine.

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