Suitable for September 1 and every day: five quick hairstyles for schoolgirls. Photo

Kids' hairstyles are easy to do
Kids' hairstyles are easy to do

Summer is almost over, so schoolchildren and parents have already started preparing for the school year. Hairstyle for school is an important thing for girls.

OBOZREVATEL shows easy braiding for children, which can be done in a few minutes. Beautiful hairstyles for September 1, especially made with their own hands, give a sense of celebration.

A fishtail braid is a simple and practical hairstyle

Fishtail braid is very easy to make. This hairstyle is different from the usual braids that everyone is used to make. Simple and original braiding will complement the look of any schoolgirl.

First, you should comb the hair and collect it in a high ponytail, which should be divided into two parts. A thin strand from the right part is selected and tipped to the left side, similar actions are done with the left part, but the strand is moved to the right. Continue to weave the braid tightly until the end.

With the help of a special loop for hairstyles, you can make bows. The advantage of this hairstyle is that you do not need tongs and hairpins, which children usually do not like. To do this, you need to tie two ponytails and divide each of them into two parts. Each strand should be threaded under the elastic band and made into a bow.

Bubble braid is a very practical hairstyle

Bubble braid is a practical hairstyle for schoolchildren because it never falls apart. To make it, you need 5-6 rubber bands, depending on the length of your hair. First you should tie a high ponytail, and then add rubber bands to the end, dropping 4-5 centimeters from the previous one.

An inside out ponytail is suitable for girls with medium hair.

The inside out ponytail is suitable for girls with long or medium hair. Special skills and tools are not needed here. Hair should be well combed and collected in a low ponytail. Tighten the rubber band not too strong and pull the end of the ponytail through the hole between the head and the base of the hairstyle with your hands.

Braids can be made festive.

Braid in a braid is a voluminous hairstyle and is made of 4 strands. Braiding is made easily and quickly. Collect the hair in a side low ponytail and tumble it over one shoulder. Make a thin braid from a small strand and divide the rest of the hair into 3 parts. Make a regular braid and rotate the central strand at each step with a small braid made in advance.

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